Successful piling of concrete


On June 26, 2014, Fistuca performed a successful test driving a concrete pile using BLUE Piling Technology. This test demonstrates that BLUE Piling Technology can drive concrete piles with hardly any tensile stresses. Tensile stress-free pile driving opens up…

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Fistuca on German radio


German national radio station Deutschlandfunk featured ‘der Flüsterhammer’ BLUE Piling Technology in their science program…

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Using water to extract piles from soil


Offshore windturbines are typically mounted on large hollow steel piles (monopiles) driven in the seabed. Today, Fistuca tested a new method for extracting these piles completely using water pressure. The pile was driven in one month earlier, using BLUE Piling…

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BLUE Piling Technology for future foundations


Wind Power Offshore magazine recently published a special report on new foundation types needed for future offshore wind projects, such as the newer XL monopiles. Bringing the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of monopiles to deeper water presents unprecedented challenges, yet…

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