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Fistuca is pleased to announce having finished a series of successful near-shore piling tests with a 2.2m prototype. Two piles have been driven, a Ø2.2 meter open-ended pile and a Ø0.7 meter closed-ended pile. Extensive measurements of underwater sound levels and pile driving properties have been performed. We would…(Read More)

Dutch newspaper Trouw published an item about BLUE Piling Technology as part of a series about small companies that are focusing on innovation in spite of the crisis…(Read More)

National radio station BNR featured a short item (in Dutch) about BLUE Piling Technology in their program ‘Spitsuur’ (rush hour), including an exclusive interview next to our live test setup…(Read More)

A second international patent application has been filed for BLUE Piling Technology, broadening the scope of applications…(Read More)

A test setup was successfully erected next to the river Waal. Inside the 2.2 m diameter test pile, BLUE Piling Technology will be tested further…(Read More)

The second test setup was constructed at the Eindhoven University of Technology. With this 0.6 m diameter setup, a wide range of parameters will be tested…(Read More)

The very first prototype (ø 160 mm) of BLUE Piling Technology was assembled at the department of Mechanical Engineering of the Eindhoven University of Technology and a series of tests has started…(Read More)