BLUE Wedge Connection Advantages


The connection of the upper and lower flanges is made with a simple linear actuation. No complex tools are required. The wedges can be actuated manually or with hydraulics. The latter option allows for the full connection to be made within minutes.


No need for personnel to be present below the load. No risk of dropped objects. No heavy tools need to be handled.


The design of the BLUE Wedge Connection is according to the strictest DNV design guidelines. No inspection or maintenance is required.


The radial and symmetric nature of the BLUE Wedge Connection allows it to scale to future generation turbines. The connection can withstand much higher loads than traditional bolted L-flanges.


The total mass of the connection package can be significantly reduced compared to conventional bolted connections. The improvement in structural dynamics can lead to second-order effects, reducing the total mass of the structure even further.


No need for inspection or maintenance during the 25-year lifetime of the structure, which eliminates operational expenses for the connection.


Compared to alternative connection methods, the BLUE Wedge Connection uses less steel thereby significantly reducing CAPEX costs.

Integrated airtight platform

The airtight platform can be integrated in the TP because the wedge displaces radially. This decreases the total structure installation time even further.

Fistuca BLUE Wedge Connection advantages