BLUE Wedge Connection Applications

Monopile to transition piece connections

Above water

The main application of the BLUE Wedge Connection is in the connection between monopile and transition piece in offshore wind turbines. Typically, this connection is made just above water level.

Below water

The remote installation option of the BLUE Wedge Connection allows for an underwater connection between MP and TP. This option leads to a more balanced weight split between MP and TP. Larger substructures can now be quickly installed with smaller vessels, reducing costs.

Foundation to tower

At the traditional interface level between foundation and tower, a BLUE Wedge Connection would allow for faster installation with reduced risk.

Tower sections

Within the tower (multiple) BLUE Wedge Connections will speed up construction. Especially the option of personnel-free installation is very attractive.

Blade to nacelle

Another attractive option is to use a BLUE Wedge Connection to connection wind turbine blades to the nacelle. This will speed up installation of this time and safety critical lifting operation.

Jacket leg to pile

With pre-piled jacket piles, jacket foundations need to be connected to underwater. The BLUE Wedge Connection will allow a fast and safe underwater connection reducing CAPEX levels.