Driving piles with a BLUE Hammer reduces the offshore underwater noise levels at the source. Due to the very long duration of the blow of a BLUE Hammer and the gradual increase of the force, the acceleration of the pile wall is reduced, causing a reduction of the underwater noise levels (SEL) by up to 20 dB.

Moreover, a smaller number of long-lasting, gentle yet powerful blows is needed to reach the desired penetration (see Powerful). A reduction of up to 80% of the number of blows means a drastic improvement on the cumulative sound exposure of a project to sea life.

During measurements on a test pile, the quiet pile driving capabilities have been demonstrated and showed spectacular results. BLUE Piling Technology reduces the underwater noise levels for all frequency ranges, thereby effectively reducing or even fully eliminating the need for costly noise mitigation.

Using BLUE Hammers is the answer to reducing the environmental impact of offshore foundation installation.

By reducing the noise levels at the source, (tens of) millions of euros can be saved on noise mitigation.