The long duration of the blow and the gradual increase in force reduce the accelerations of the pile and thereby reducing the loads during installation. Reducing the loads is very beneficial for monopiles with flanges, internal platform rings, and brackets. Lower stress concentrations and fewer blows result in a longer lifetime of your foundation and a reduction of the costs of the foundation.

The BLUE Hammer allows for a transition piece free design, lowering installation cost and lowering foundation cost.

In a comparison performed by Ramboll a monopile that was installed in a German offshore wind farm was analyzed and the fatigues during installation was compared to the fatigue that installation using the BLUE 25M would have caused. The very long loading combined with the low number of blows resulted in a reduction of the installation fatigue of 85-98 percent.

BLUE Hammers are the ideal installation tool for driving flanged monopiles reducing fatigues and preventing pile damage during installation.

Fistuca BLUE Piling Technology graph