Advantages BLUE Piling Technology

Tackling underwater noise at the source!

Underwater noise produced by the BLUE Hammer is approximately 20 dB lower than noise produced by conventional hydraulic hammers. Lower noise levels result in lower environmental loads, reducing the costs for noise mitigation and making noise mitigation unnecessary in most conditions.

Lower accelerations compared to conventional pile driving

The water based blows ensure a gradual force build-up, resulting in lower tensile stresses in the piles, more set per blow and lower acceleration levels. Fewer blows and low stress amplitudes will drive down installation fatigue. Lower acceleration levels will allow piles to be partially pre-assembled prior to piling, reducing the loads on components such as flanges. A reduction of the number offshore operations for placing secondary equipment such as boat landings and anodes will be the result.

Creating new possibilities

With BLUE Piling Technology, the range of piled foundations can be extended. This creates exciting new opportunities for offshore energy harvesting. Driving of foundations for lager wind turbines and piling in deeper waters becomes possible. The BLUE Hammer is suitable for all types of conventional piling and foundation work using jacket (pin)piles as well as (XL) monopiles. Its interface is the same as in conventional piling technology, so no adaptation is required.

Reliable and efficient piling

There are no major moving parts in the BLUE Hammer, making it very robust and reliable. Conventional hammers exert force over a short period of time. The BLUE Hammer delivers a blow during a period of more than 100 ms. This means that, once the soil friction is overcome, there is more time left for the actual movement of the pile. The blows of the BLUE Hammer are therefore more efficient. The simplicity and efficiency of the technology ensure less idle time and fewer vessel days, reducing piling costs significantly.