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Visit us Tuesday the 10th of March at the CWW, the Conference on Wind Energy and Wildlife impacts, in Berlin. On Tuesday the 10th of March, Fistuca will present BLUE Piling Technology, the silent pile driving technology, at the biannual CWW. Can’t make it to Berlin? Let’s meet on the 11th or 12th…(Read More)

On December 8, 2014, the Dutch company VandeGrijp started the production of our phase 4 hammer. The hammer will be tested thoroughly in 2015, both on- and offshore. The onshore tests are expected to take place at the Tweede Maasvlakte. This hammer can be used to drive piles with a top diameter up to 3…(Read More)

On June 26, 2014, Fistuca performed a successful test driving a concrete pile using BLUE Piling Technology. This test demonstrates that BLUE Piling Technology can drive concrete piles with hardly any tensile stresses. Tensile stress-free pile driving opens up a myriad of possibilities for offshore foundation designs based on pre-tensioned concrete piles, which…(Read More)

Fistuca was invited to speak at a conference of the Deutsche Umwelthilfe about underwater noise, titled „Wege zu einem wirksamen Unterwasserschallschutz beim Bau von Offshore-Windparks“, on 7 May in Berlin. We would be pleased to meet you there…(Read More)

Offshore windturbines are typically mounted on large hollow steel piles (monopiles) driven in the seabed. Today, Fistuca tested a new method for extracting these piles completely using water pressure. The pile was driven in one month earlier, using BLUE Piling Technology, a revolutionary pile driving method also based on water. By closing off the top…(Read More)

Wind Power Offshore magazine recently published a special report on new foundation types needed for future offshore wind projects, such as the newer XL monopiles. Bringing the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of monopiles to deeper water presents unprecedented challenges, yet by nature, BLUE Piling Technology is specifically suited to meet these challenges…(Read More)

Fistuca is pleased to announce having finished a series of successful near-shore piling tests with a 2.2m prototype. Two piles have been driven, a Ø2.2 meter open-ended pile and a Ø0.7 meter closed-ended pile. Extensive measurements of underwater sound levels and pile driving properties have been performed. We would…(Read More)